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Jun 21, 2024 | Press Releases

Washington, DC – U.S. Representative Young Kim (CA-40) was named a Common Ground Champion by the Common Ground Committee for her ongoing efforts to fight through partisan gridlock and deliver results. Her score is the highest in California, the sixth highest in Congress, and in the top 1 percent of all elected officials.

U.S. Representative Young Kim (CA-40)’s score based on her record in Congress ranks her the 6th most bipartisan member in the House of Representatives and Senate, the second most bipartisan of House Republicans, and the most bipartisan Republican member of the California delegation.

“My record shows my commitment to bring common sense, break through the partisan gridlock, and deliver results for Southern California communities,” said Rep. Young Kim. “Although I’ll never waver from my principles, I believe finding common ground is important to move our country forward and improve the lives of my constituents. I thank the Common Ground Committee for this recognition, and I will continue to fight every day to preserve the American dream for future generations.”

“While personal attacks and social media spats in Congress get the most attention, most Americans probably don’t realize there are earnest and dedicated Members like Congresswoman Young Kim, striving each day to solve the complex problems our country faces,” said Common Ground Committee Co-founder Erik Olsen. “We understand that Americans want their leaders to do the hard work necessary to find areas of agreement when possible, and we applaud Congresswoman Young Kim for her work seeking out common ground on our country’s toughest challenges.”

Since arriving to Congress, Rep. Kim has:

  • Returned more than $24 million back to taxpayers from federal agencies;
  • Passed more than 36 bills out of the House of Representatives and 15 bipartisan bills signed into law;
  • Helped more than 5,600 constituents receive assistance with casework;
  • Attended hundreds of public events; and,
  • Recognized Vietnam era veterans and spouses for their services.

Rep. Kim’s record has been repeatedly ranked among the most bipartisan and effective, including by:

  • The Common Ground Committee, which ranked her as a Common Ground Champion in the 117th Congress.
  • The Bipartisan Index (BPI) rankings by the Lugar Center and the McCourt School of Public Policy at Georgetown University ranked her the 16th most bipartisan in the 118th Congress and 17th most bipartisan in the 117th Congress.
  • The Center for Effective Lawmaking, which ranked her among the most effective in Congress and second most effective House Republican in foreign affairs.
  • Data by Quorum Analytics reported by Axios, which ranked Rep. Kim the most bipartisan freshman member of Congress.

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