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Americans today live under an inefficient healthcare system that saddles them and their families with overly burdensome costs.  While I believe a one-size-fits-all single-payer approach to healthcare is not the solution, I am committed to working in Congress to ensure everyone has access to affordable high-quality healthcare and medical treatment. 

Our nation is based on a model that gives power to individual states to enact the policies that best suit their constituents—our approach to healthcare should reflect that. States must be given additional leverage to implement Medicaid programs to best fit their circumstances while being held to a higher standard to ensure that their people can efficiently access quality medical care. At the same time, our federal government should work to ensure consumers have greater control of their healthcare and those with pre-existing conditions cannot be denied coverage. 

Our health system needs modernization today. I will continue to work in Congress to ensure that patient choice is prioritized and that inefficient programs are eliminated or reformed to bring the cost of prescription drugs and medical treatment down so that everyone will have the ability to access the care they deserve.