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The Office of Congresswoman Young Kim is accepting FY2025 Appropriations requests until May 3, 2024.

There are three types of appropriations request that can be submitted to my office – Programmatic Requests, Language Requests, and Community Project Requests.

  • Programmatic Requests:  requesting specific funding levels for agencies and programs funded in the twelve appropriations bills.
  • Language Requests:  requesting bill language or report language directing or encouraging specific actions by federal agencies.
  • Community Project Funding Requests:  requesting funding for specific projects in their communities, so long as the projects have a federal nexus and meet other requirements established by federal law, House Rules, and the Committee to ensure only high-quality projects are requested and funded.

To find more detailed guidance on the FY25 Appropriations process, you can follow guidance for the House Appropriations Committee FY24 process HERE.


By filling out the appropriations request form, you understand this is not an application for federal funding. Submission of this information does not create a binding commitment on any party nor a guarantee that any organization or program will be awarded funding from any federal agency through the appropriation process. Furthermore, the submission, review, and approval of applications for federal funding will be carried out consistent with federal agency rules and regulations. This request may be made publicly available.

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