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Rep. Young Kim

Washington, DC – Yesterday, U.S. Representative Young Kim (CA-40), who serves as chairwoman of the House Foreign Affairs Indo-Pacific Subcommittee, joined a cross-party international coalition of 75 parliamentarians and public figures in a joint statement condemning the Hong Kong government’s passage of the Safeguarding National Security Bill under Article 23 of the Basic Law of Hong Kong: 

“As parliamentarians and public figures from around the world, we express grave concerns regarding the enactment of new national security legislation under Article 23 of the Basic Law in Hong Kong.  

“New legislation under Article 23 will bring a further devastating blow to the city’s autonomy, rule of law, rights and fundamental freedoms, beyond the impact of the National Security Law imposed by Beijing in 2020. The new law prohibits seven types of activities which the Hong Kong officials intend to declare as ‘offences’, under vague and expansive provisions which will criminalise the peaceful exercise of human rights. The legislation undermines due process and fair trial rights and violates Hong Kong’s obligations under international human rights law, jeopardising Hong Kong’s role as an open international city. 

“Today we echo calls from the international community for the Hong Kong government to repeal the 2020 National Security Law and cease prosecution of individuals charged with offences under the National Security Law; ensure compliance with international legal obligations and ensure that any restrictions on the basic rights of the people of Hong Kong on national security grounds should be legal, legitimate, and proportional, and ensure that legislation is consistent with the protection of international human rights laws and standards. 

“Governments must unite to say that this flagrant breach of the Basic Law of Hong Kong, the Sino-British Joint Declaration, and international human rights law cannot be tolerated. We must uphold the rules-based international order and hold Hong Kong and Beijing officials accountable for their violations.” 

Rep. Kim introduced the Hong Kong Sanctions Act (H.R. 6153) to hold Hong Kong officials accountable for human rights violations and stand with Hong Kongers facing scrutiny under Beijing’s “national security law.”  

Following introduction of H.R. 6153, lawyer Jimmy Siu called for her arrest. Rep. Kim responded, “Beijing resorts once again to what it knows best – bullying, coercing, and silencing dissenters to keep their grip on power. I refuse to be intimidated. Calls for my arrest for leading the bipartisan, bicameral charge to support Hong Kongers and hold Beijing accountable must mean I’m doing something right. I will keep using my voice to fight for freedom and democracy for those trapped and tortured under the Chinese Communist Party’s authoritarian regime.” 

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