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California's 40th District

Rep. Young Kim, R-Calif., said Thursday the Biden administration has yet to deliver billions of dollars worth of military equipment bought by Taiwan, telling “Varney & Co.” the delay sends the “wrong message” and could undermine the country’s ability to deter a Chinese invasion.

YOUNG KIMPresident Biden, Speaker Pelosi, and the members of Congress need to be unified when it comes to Taiwan issues because China is exercising its influence in the world. They want to be the economic superpower, they want to exercise in the security areas, and we need to be there. That’s why I introduced legislation to ensure the billions of dollars that Taiwan invested in procuring military weapons, we need to deliver it to them, to Taiwan, to our allies in the Pacific region.

We need to deliver those [weapons] to our allies, especially those that already have been purchased. We’re sending the wrong message if we don’t deliver on our promises. We need to do this so our allies can trust us and enemies fear us. We need to deliver it with decisive action and leadership coming from the top.


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