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California's 40th District

Mar 24, 2022 | In The News

$5 million in federal funding has been secured for the Titan Gateway Bridge, bringing the project halfway to its funding goal, said Sarab Singh, the director for Planning, Design and Construction Management at Cal State Fullerton.

The university will receive the bridge funding through H.R. 2471. It is the final appropriations bill for fiscal year 2022, which was passed on March 15.

CSUF News previously reported last July that $1 million would go toward the bridge through a state budget appropriation.

Singh said that the total cost of the bridge is estimated to be $12 million, and the university is looking for more funding through grants provided by the city and state for safety.

Any trees, bushes or other greenery will be planted elsewhere on campus if it obstructs the bridge’s construction, Singh said.

“Once the full design is there, we will make sure that we are doing all the sustainable measures at our disposal,” Singh said.

Singh said Nutwood Ave. will not be completely shut down during the construction and temporary measures will be in place to manage the flow of traffic and pedestrians safely.

Rep. Young Kim of the 39th district ensured that funding for several local community projects, including the bridge, was included in H.R. 2471.

“I am excited to be able to deliver funds directly to California’s 39th district to support important priorities across communities I represent in Orange, Los Angeles and San Bernardino counties,” Kim said in a press release.

At this time, no contractors or consultants have been chosen for the project, Singh said.

The CSUF Physical Master Plan states that the goals of the bridge are to “protect pedestrians and reduce accidents; mitigate neighborhood concerns by reducing vehicle trips and improving traffic flow along one of the cities busiest routes; create an attractive, architectural gateway to Fullerton while reinforcing a sense of place and community; and support the Physical Master Plan objective of encouraging walking and biking as transportation alternatives as well as the City of Fullerton’s long-standing goal to provide livable streets that cater to pedestrians and bicyclists.”

Singh said construction is expected to begin in September or October 2023, and construction will last 15 to 18 months.

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