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California's 40th District

Some political observers and even former Republican elected officials argue that the Republican Party is out of touch with diverse metropolitan areas. At EMS briefing on June 26, the newly elected GOP members shared their views about the future of the Republican Party and why they think it offers the best representation for ethnic Americans.  Republicans made gains with minority voters in states including California, Texas and Florida last November, narrowing the Democratic majority in the House.


Young Kim is the current U.S. Representative for California’s 39th congressional district. A member of the Republican Party, her district includes northern parts of Orange County, including Fullerton, which is the most vibrant and diverse community in the country. 

I was proud to be elected alongside a diverse GOP freshman class, and I hope I can use my voice to make a positive impact in Congress and get things done for California’s 39th District. I believe the Republican Party is the Grand Opportunity Party that stands for the American worker, helping small businesses, a dynamic economy, and promoting American values and achieving the great American dream. 

The party has given opportunity to many women and veterans. The future of the party is bright. Republican policies of promoting enterprise and empowering individuals to succeed are what have allowed me to own a small business, raise a family, and achieve my American dream and resonate with Americans of all backgrounds. I am proud to have worked on this commonsense, bipartisan effort to provide small business owners more time to apply for PPP relief to keep their doors open and employees on payroll and am pleased to see that millions of small business owners benefited from this deadline extension, added Congresswomen Kim.

CA State Assemblywoman Suzette Martinez Valladares, 38th District born in Northeast San Fernando Valley.  As the granddaughter of farmworkers, and the daughter of an auto mechanic and educator, the journey and American dream story of my family was ever-present in my mind.   Valladares began her career working in early childhood education advocacy and went on to become the Executive Director of Southern California Autism Speaks, an organization dedicated to creating awareness and outreach for individuals with autism and their families.


When I grew up, Democratic Party, which was supposed to represent the minority, didn’t do much for them and this forced me to look at the Republican Party. Our party represents the individual, and wants to empower people. Bringing people together and not dividing them, will address most of our problems, added Assemblywoman Valladares. People of California are tired of partisan politics.

Most of my families have moved to different states, I don’t want to move, but the policies in California are crushing the middle class and forcing us out of our soil. As a new representative, I am focusing on wildfire prevention, high cost of living, taxes, homelessness, reopening our schools, working to mitigate Public Safety Power Shutoffs, protecting our most vulnerable, or getting Californians back to work. The pandemic handling was totally mismanaged and this has affected the minorities.

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