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California's 40th District

Mar 26, 2023 | In The News

Congresswoman Young Kim, R-Calif., joined “Fox & Friends Weekend,” Sunday, to discuss the push to strip China of its developing country classification. The California representative claimed that they are taking advantage of it and that stripping them of the classification would “level the playing field.” 

REP. YOUNG KIM: … China is the second largest world economy only after the United States. Yet it is still classified as a developing country, and China and Chinese government is using this to take advantage and exploit countries that are actually in need of those special aid that could come with the labeling of that. You know, China has that special label, so they are using it to take advantage of its organizations like the World Bank, and they get special low-interest rates and they use those loans as a backstop to allow them to invest in like expand their belt and road initiatives, investing so much in the infrastructures in those developing countries and no developing countries that, you know, invest so much money and billions of dollars to set up the debt trap for other developing countries. So that’s why we’re trying to, you know, take away their special status as a developing country and level the playing field and correct the wrong. 

We’re going to level the playing field and make sure they don’t take advantage of this. Countering CCP is so important, because, you know, we need to preserve the American dream and support freedom-loving countries and freedom-loving people around the world. 

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