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Rep. Young Kim Speaks at Science, Space and Technology Committee Markup

Washington, DC – Today, U.S. Representative Young Kim (CA-39), who serves on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, House Science, Space and Technology Committee and the Conservative Climate Caucus, released the following statement on the Biden administration’s announcement that the United States will ban imports of Russian energy. 

“Until today’s announcement, the United States bought over 500,000 barrels of oil from Russia every day. I’m glad we will no longer line Vladimir Putin’s pockets as he continues to lead an unprovoked invasion of a free and sovereign Ukraine. However, I am concerned of the potential economic impacts of taking this step without also working to increase domestic energy production across the board, especially as gas prices reach an all-time high. I also fear the national security impacts of recent reports of the Biden administration negotiating with authoritarian regimes in Venezuela and Iran to fuel our country. The more we rely on authoritarian regimes, the worse the impact will be on our economy and our national security,” said Kim. “Energy security is national security. We need practical, responsible energy solutions that will help expand and diversify domestic energy supply chains and lower costs for consumers.” 

Congresswoman Kim helped introduce the Partnerships for Energy Security and Innovation Act (H.R. 4863) last year with Rep. Melanie Stansbury (NM-01) and House Science, Space and Technology Ranking Member Frank Lucas (OK-03) to establish a foundation to facilitate public-private partnerships on energy solutions and innovation. 

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